Production process

After design approval, the item is sent to an artist who prepares a clay model. A sculpture maker in turn gives his copy to a mold maker. The mold maker employs an old technique with molten metal. This mold is known as the ‘mother mold’. We are now ready to begin making ornaments.

prod1      prod3      prod2

The glass-blower first selects the right size and thickness tube for the item. The tube is made of clear tempered soda calcium glass. To create the ornament, the glass-blower must carefully coordinate blowing and using the steel mold that shapes the hot glass. Now the newly molded glass is reheated and tempered to increase durability and to decrease breakage.

prod4      prod5     

Each clear glass ornament must be injected with liquid silver. The item is silvered, rinsed, and turned over to dry. Silvering enriches the depth of color possible, and adds luminosity to the ornaments. In our special varnishing cabin, each ornament is hand-dipped in a lacquer base coat.


After drying, the decorating details begin. Artisans hand-paint each ornament. Color lacquers are applied one at a time, layer after layer. When finished, extra sparkle is added: glitter is powdered over the ornament.

All details are now complete. The neck is trimmed. The ornament is crowned with a cap. Tags are applied. The beautiful IMPULS Christmas Magic ornament is now packed in specially designed box and readied for shipping.