Custom design

Impuls Company is a manufacturer of glass Christmas ornaments including custom-design ornaments produced in accordance with a customer’s order and on exclusivity basis.  We create Christmas  decorations from concept to final product. Ideas, photographs or designs are enough to result in final creations of glass Christmas ornaments. At a customer’s request we make both Christmas ornaments from scratch and customize or change the decoration of ornaments from the existing IMPULS Company offer. Our customers can create their own ornaments, participate in the process of designing them, creating their mould, and finally decorating the ornament. We can also use moulds and decorations from the company’s offer and change the decoration, colour, add or delete a caption, and customize an ornament in every possible way.

Impuls Company is eager to make such designs at a customer’s request with the ornaments produced for the customer on exclusivity basis. To receive any details regarding terms and conditions and pricing related to creating custom-design Christmas ornaments, please send your inquiry to our sales department who will be happy to help you and will provide you with an initial calculation of costs.

Throughout our history we have made hundreds of Christmas ornaments based on customers’ ideas and on exclusivity basis. The process of creating a new ornament consists of several elements, in all of which a customer takes an active part designing and implementing the project at every, even the smallest, stage.

In fact, to start with all you need is an idea, a concept of a decoration. If a customer does not have a detailed design of an ornament, it is enough to provide us with only photos or sketches, images of what an ornament should look like, its brief description and required size. Specialized personnel of Impuls Company is there to help you with creating your project, and provide advice as to the shape, size and colours of an ornament. At each stage of the project a customer takes an active part in the creation of ornaments by their approval or alterations, if they are possible at a given stage.

On the basis of a design selected professional sculptors make a plasticine model. After it has been completed, to make a jointly created ornament a customer receives a package of photos of the model to asses it. At this stage, various details can still be adjusted or even greater changes can be made in the shape of the ornament being created. Each and every customer’s decision and requirement is taken into account and put into effect as far as it is technologically possible. After deciding on all details and possibilities together with a customer a final model is sculpted and presented for approval. After its approval by a customer a plaster model is made and from this moment no changes in the shape of the ornament being newly created are possible. The plaster model is a basis for making a final metal mould which is used to manufacture a blown-glass piece. Once the blown-glass pieces are ready, decorating and colouring begins in accordance with the customer’s project and wishes. If customers have no ideas as to particular colours or methods of decorating an ornament, at this stage our team of experts is happy to provide tips, help and advice as to the choice of colours, glitter, and any other details.

The final result of the production process of an exclusively made ornament is a unique Christmas ornament which will be manufactured and sold exclusively to the customer who has decided to create this ornament with Impuls Company. And most importantly, after creating their own Christmas ornaments our customers are certain that they have a unique product with no one else ever possessing an identical ornament. The ornament which has been created thanks to work and commitment of the best professionals in their field.