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About Immerse yourself in the world of glass ornaments. Choose from wide range offer - over 4,000 designs. More about Showroom Be prepared to be delighted, and don't be surprised if you start smiling. The atmosphere is that infectious! With so many IMPULS Christmas Magic ornaments around that elevating mood soon takes over and mouth corners just naturally turn up! We put heart into the entire process of creating our decorations, from design to final decorations, which is why they are unique. We still create Christmas Magic ornaments one by one, the enchanting atmosphere of a simple workshop remains. Welcome to our Showroom Hand-made by Polish Artisans See creation process

Welcome to our Showroom... Discover breathtaking collections

Services From concept to final product Impuls Company is a manufacturer of glass Christmas ornaments including custom-design ornaments produced in accordance with a customer's order and on exclusivity basis. We create Christmas decorations from concept to final product. Ideas, photographs or designs are enough to result in final creations of glass Christmas ornaments. At a customer's request we make both Christmas ornaments from scratch and customize or change the decoration of ornaments from the existing IMPULS Company offer. Custom design Idea or customization Process of designing Our customers can create their own ornaments, participate in the process of designing them, creating their mould, and finally decorating the ornament. We can also use moulds and decorations from the company's offer and change the decoration, colour, add or delete a caption, and customize an ornament in every possible way. see more Services

Creating together.

In fact, to start with all you need is an idea, a concept of a decoration. If a customer does not have a detailed design of an ornament, it is enough to provide us with only photos or sketches, images of what an ornament should look like, its brief description and required size. Specialized personnel of Impuls Company is there to help you with creating your project, and provide advice as to the shape, size and colours of an ornament. At each stage of the project a customer takes an active part in the creation of ornaments by their approval or alterations, if they are possible at a given stage. Concept of decoration Creating your project Hundreds of projects Throughout our history we have made hundreds of Christmas ornaments based on customers' ideas and on exclusivity basis. The process of creating a new ornament consists of several elements, in all of which a customer takes an active part designing and implementing the project at every, even the smallest, stage. sculpture glass shell final decoration silvered shell see more

Dreams come true... see this story...

Testimonials "IMPULS always has a huge selection of high quality and innovative ornaments. Bronner's CHRISTmas Wonderland is proud to feature ornaments from IMPULS. We know that our customers are always pleased when they purchase ornaments from IMPULS." Barbara Auer, Ferdinand Haller Wayne Bronner "...They are reliable partners and you can always count on them. We love their fine design. The whole ordering process runs very smoothly and we are absolutely satisfied with the quality of their products." Kamilla Sigh "To me IMPULS has the most exquisite ornaments: delicate and detailed modeling and coloring. This was why we chose to work together with Impuls, when creating our own design. To me IMPULS is a true exclusive candy store." Gunnar Schweizer "The cooperation with IMPULS in the last 8 or 10 years - it was always reliable and uncomplicated with the necessary respect on both sides so everybody was happy." Francesca Cerioli "We are very happy to work with Impuls. We love your beautiful and original ornaments and our customer too. Thank you for your reliability and assistance on our request." See more testimonials "We are happy to work with Impuls Company..." Holyart ,
Bronner's Christmas

Christmas Time Collection Christmas tree, decorations, gifts, and above all a warm family time. See unique decorations and return to these moments. A special time ...
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Santa Claus Collection How special can Santa be? You won't believe it until you see... You have never seen such a unique collection. You have to see it to believe it.
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Gingerbread collection Everyone wanted to get gingerbread from the Christmas tree. Return to these times thanks to intricate glass ornaments... Smell of gingerbread...
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Travel Collection Return to the places you visited. Intricate glass ornaments will remind you of moments, renew memories. Paris, London, New York...
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Faberge-Inspired Eggs These known ornaments from the tsarist era were famous for rich decorations and intricate craftsmanship. See how rich glass ornaments can be. Legendary decorations.
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Space collection Move into the infinite Universe and feel it thanks to intricate decorations.
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Sometimes you have to go far out.
Food & Drink Unbelievable, like glass decorations, they can imitate any delicacies.
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You almost feel the taste and smell...

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