„We are happy to work with Impuls Company…


They are reliable partners and you can always count on them. We love their fine design.The whole ordering process runs very smoothly and we are absolutely satisfied with the quality of their products.”

Barbara Auer, Ferdinand Haller


“The cooperation with IMPULS in the last 8 or 10 years – it was always reliable and uncomplicated with the necessary respect on both sides so everybody was happy.”

Gunnar Schweizer


“IMPULS always has a huge selection of high quality and innovative ornaments.  Bronner’s CHRISTmas Wonderland is proud to feature ornaments from IMPULS.  We know that our customers are always pleased when they purchase ornaments from IMPULS.” 

Wayne Bronner


“To me IMPULS has the most exquisite ornaments: delicate and detailed modeling and coloring. This was why we chose to work together with Impuls, when creating our own design. To me IMPULS is a true exclusive candy store.” 

Kamilla Sigh


“We are very happy to work with Impulse. We love your beautiful and original ornaments and our customer too. Thank you for your reliability and assistance on our request.” 

Francesca Cerioli

“Impuls produces one of the finest product lines I’ve seen. The quality of their ornaments surpasses all glass ornaments we have the opportunity to buy. Their colors are bright; the registration is excellent. It’s no wonder our OrnamentShop.com customers tell us they come back year- after- year, looking for their new designs. The Kowalczyk family consistently handles orders promptly, provides excellent advice about new designs we might suggest and gets us our orders in a prompt and efficient manner that is unsurpassed. Each year we return to order from them and it’s like visiting with long lost friends!” 

Dianne Weller

“Die Zusammenarbeit mit Impuls ist immer ein Vergnügen. Die hohe Qualität der Ornamente und professionelle Abwicklung der Lieferung ist jedes Jahr eine grosse Freude. Ich freue mich jedes Jahr auf die neuen Entwürfe, die immer am Puls der Zeit sind.” 

Carmela Lüchinger

“We are fully satisfied with our cooperation with IMPULS and can recommend it as a reliable partner. All members of the company are very responsible and perfectly fulfil their work. IMPULS is always punctual at all stages of cooperation.” 

Alina Kushnareva


“Impuls make our dreams come true. They excel in exquisite, enchanting, delicate ornaments, and it’s a joy working with them also during the process of creating our own new design every year. They deliver the highest standard in both products and communication.” 

Christina Davidsen

“We are very happy with the input from Impuls company. We love to do business with Impuls and the crafmentship and expertise you display is perfect. They developed a church on our specific request and that has turned out tob e a top quality piece.” 

Wilma Frohn & team


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